Photographer Peter Mitchell: from Leeds to Mars and back again


Photographer Peter Mitchell: from Leeds to Mars and back again

Since 1972, photographer Peter Mitchell has been photographing his home in Leeds as a Martian landscape. Liz Jobey at the Financial Times chronicles his newfound international recognition, the development of color photography in the UK, and US Viking Space Missions that inspired the now famous series .

Click HERE to read the article.

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New Exhibition on Artsy



Wirtz Art’s newest exhibition is up, and features the unpublished works of photographer, Margaret Bourke-White. When she was commissioned to photograph the testing of Irving Parachute Company’s new silk parachute in 1937, Bourke-White instead recorded an emblematic struggle between natural forces and human ingenuity, between our limitations and the devices we create to exceed them.

Click HERE to view the entire exhibition on our Artsy site.

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Raymond Saunders // This is for You


Raymond Saunders // This is for You

The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art is thrilled to present This Is For You, an exhibit by established Bay Area artist Raymond Saunders. The exhibit will include over 50 selected works, spanning the past two decades, including recent work completed in the past two years. The exhibition runs through April 2nd.

Click HERE to read MarinMOCA’s press release, and HERE to view Saunder’s page on our Artsy site.

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Marc Katano at the Art Museum of Sonoma County



The Art Museum of Sonoma County’s Outside Voice: Tarp Paintings by Marc Katano debuts his most recent series of signature abstractions on 9 x 12 foot canvas tarps. A half dozen painted tarps stretch across the gallery walls. Here, Katano’s gestures reach wider and taller than the scale of the human body. Exhibited alongside works on handmade Nepalese paper, Katano’s paintings consider mark-making, and may remind the viewer of the visual language of Japanese kanji, based on Chinese characters. Outside Voice runs February 12th through April 30th 2017.


Click HERE to learn more about the exhibition and HERE to view Katano’s work on our Artsy page.

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Melanie Pullen at LA Art Show 2017



Melanie Pullen’s work continues to question the effects that violence and mutilation, both real and simulated, have on the viewer in contemporary culture. At this January’s LA Art Show, she partnered with curator Marisa Caichiolo to create Violent Times, an abstract interpretation that explores both the ceremonial and crude facets of violence, inherent in both nature and the human condition.

Click HERE to learn more about this performance, and HERE to revisit Classic Melanie Pullen, an exhibition we hosted online.

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David Pace: Karaba Brick Quarry



David Pace’s photo essay, “Karaba Brick Quarry, Burkina Faso” is featured in Life Force Magazine’s November issue.  From this cavernous  pit, men carve bricks from solid stone that will be used to build homes and walls in the surrounding communities. Pace has been documenting the ever-widening quarry since 2008, on his annual visits to Burkina Faso.

Click HERE to view Pace’s photo-essay, “Karaba Brick Quarry, Burkina Faso”.




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Doug Rickard at Foto Colectania, Barcelona


Work from Doug Rickard’s A New American Picture series is included in the exhibition I Wanted to Be a Photographer at Foto Colectania Foundation, in Barcelona, from October 10 – December 10, 2016. Co-Curated by Fannie Escoulen and Anna Planas, the show gathers diverse work by thirteen international artists that engage contemporary questions of authorship, image reproducibility and susceptibility, and photographic process.

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Peter Mitchell returns to Impressions Gallery for first retrospective


Mitchell’s Second Impression

After garnering much attention at the French Photography festival, Les Recontres d’Arles, Peter Mitchell returns to Impressions Gallery, the host of the first Refutation of the Viking 4 Space Mission exhibition in 1979. The first exhibition of color photographs by a British photographer, the 1979 exhibition considered what Leeds would look like to aliens from Mars.  This year, curators Kerry Harker and Anne McNeill have staged Planet Yorkshire, a survey of the past forty years of Mitchell’s work. Grouping Mitchell’s photographs by theme, dilapidation, destruction, and decay run through most of the work.

Photographer Peter Mitchell with one of his images

Photographer Peter Mitchell with one of his images

To read more Planet Yorkshire, and the groupings of Mitchell’s works in the exhibition, visit Impressions Gallery’s site.

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Marc Katano's New Work at Stremmel Gallery


Marc Katano: New Work

The Stremmel Gallery in Reno hosted an exhibition of Marc Katano’s new work in September. Recently working on highly absorbent drop cloth, Katano continues to use the acrylic and ink. The larger scale reveals an untethered, robust, and physical expression that requires the use of the whole body, not only the hand and arm. (September 8 – October 1, 2016)

For more, visit Stremmel’s website.

Nicole and Marc Katano at Stremmel Gallery, Reno, Nevada.

Nicole and Marc Katano at Stremmel Gallery.

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Peter Mitchell at Les Recontres d'Arles Photo Festival


Peter Mitchell’s ‘A New Refutation of the Viking 4 Space Mission’ mixes a few images of Mars (by NASA) with many images of 1970’s urban Yorkshire by Mitchell, but presented as if taken on an alien reconnaissance mission. Mitchell’s work is presented in the Grande Halle, and runs from July 4 – September 25, 2016.

Click HERE to read Le Monde’s review, “Peter Mitchell, un extraterrestre à Arles”  (Peter Mitchell, an alien in Arles).
For the Guardian’s review, “From Leeds to London: portraits of English cities in the 1970s – in pictures,” click HERE .


For more of Peter Mitchell’s work, visit his page on Artsy.

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