The Five W's

September 9 - October 9, 2004

Arnitz limits his process to working only with household enamel paint and paint rollers augmented to produce rows and columns of repeating yet imperfect marks, a technique that uniquely reveals his reverence for abstract expressionism. Representational possibilities materialize between the undulating marks and hues in the paintings that may allude subtly to socio-political issues or wryly comment on the current state of painting. The Five W’s presents new paintings in his continuing series that explores the relationship of this grid-like visual patterning to the support structure of the World Trade Center towers.

The tools and improvisational yet repetitive nature of Arnitz’s work creates an abstract and eye-dazzling effect, and the mechanics of the roller he employs produces his signature painting style. Arnitz endeavors to “achieve a sense of artistic authenticity by transparently illusional means,” using his unconventional methods and imposed structure to imbue the non-objective paintings with a sense of weight and materiality. The paintings can achieve a palpable physicality that directly engages the viewer. Deadpan titles of the works are suggestive of subjects that Arnitz responds to with an acerbic but emotionally credible tone.