Paintings & Short Drawings

May 2 - June 2, 2007

Moore creates compelling abstract canvases that utilize latex paint combined with finely ground pumice to reveal variations on a common theme: restless, branch-like linear forms that meander, interact and penetrate the rectangular segments of a reduced background. These distinctively defined areas contain variable arrangements of lush and nuanced brushwork, each with a limited palette—often a muted green or grey, but occasionally a graphically bold expanse of black. Moore makes subtle reference to forms from the urban environments he is inspired by, such as construction fencing and iron rebar, although any suggestion of actual representational form is purely a chance occurrence.

The canvases are essentially about drawing. Expressive linear forms are wielded throughout with delicately rendered lines and graphically bold passages of varying thickness appearing both on the surface and buried beneath the rectangular expanses. Shadow forms and ghost images emerge to tangle with gradations of color on the irregular grids. Moore’s varied line chaotically bends, loops, and intersects as it moves through this armature, creating essential structure within illusory space.

A selection from Moore’s ongoing series Short Drawings accompanies the canvases in the exhibition. These loose and intuitive works on paper combine ink-wash expanses and geometric gradations of latex paint that reveal Moore’s signature structural forms.