February 17 - March 27, 2010

Stephen Wirtz Gallery presents Paesaggi, landscape photographs by Mario Giacomelli. Giacomelli transforms photography from a medium that automatically captures reality, to a form of original expression. He uses double exposure to shoot a part of reality and a part of poetry that idealizes the natural landscape. These landscapes are differentiated through the organization of the image, the physical composition of the nature photographed, and the strong contrast between the photographic white and black. His photographic vision showcases landscapes with almost complete elimination of the sky, without a clear horizon, and creates an unrolling of the visual course of the landscape. He stated, “I don’t do portraits of the land, but signs and memories of the existence of “my” landscape…Maybe I’ve never photographed landscapes, I’ve only loved them.”

MARIO GIACOMELLI (b. 1925- d. 2000, Senigallia, Italy) Giacomelli began his photographic career in 1952 and created the “Paesaggi” body of work from 1955 through 1992. In 1963, the selection of an image from the “Scanno” series for the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York brought international recognition of his work. He was one of the best known Italian photographers in the world by the time of his death in 2000.