One Ear Close to the Ground One Eye Rambling All Around

September 7 - October 1, 2005

Reid opens poetic communication between the past and present in this new series by utilizing completed pieces from previous bodies of work as the foundations upon which the new paintings are created. Woven into these earlier works are expressive and erratic roving lines, bent, segmented and rendered in bold colored gouache. These extend branch-like throughout the signature water drips and faint fluid lines that characterize her past work. In some cases large amorphous expanses of dense pigment forcefully obscure segments of the earlier piece and may serve as a point of connection for the new lines to emerge. This intervention reveals a lesson in coexistence as past and present imagery mingle and tangle together in shared space.

In these new works possible relationships between line and the support structure offered by the original paintings are explored. While the original paintings might be considered a fundamental armature, the additions can be seen perhaps as melody line, or a kind of sly narrative voice that carefully and subtly adds its own two cents. In some paintings the new lines dance and mingle playfully with the original. In other instances they disrupt the original, wrangling without a clear solution. In others still, the old and the new coexist but seem to simply ignore one another.