New Work / Floor Plan

March 6 - March 29, 2003

The title of their installation, Floor Plan / New Work, is of particular significance. It is taken directly from the floor plan blueprint of revisions made to the Stephen Wirtz Gallery in the past, and is indicative of where these artists begin their art making process: from the very structure of which the art will become a part. The use of “floor plans” is nothing new to this duo. In 2000, they recreated the floor plan of their house in actual size, turned it on its side and transformed it into a giant landscape piece in 1459 Clayton St. Floor Plan Landscape. This most recent installation uses the idea of “revisions” or “new work” done in the Gallery, in this case the cosmetic refinishing of the floors in 2002 being the most recent revision. castaneda/reiman continue to use the language of construction and architecture as they transform the space and consider the newly refinished floor as their point of departure.

Upon entering the Gallery, the viewer is immediately confronted with several modular structures that literally extend the floor onto the wall. While they appear to emerge from the floor forming a leaning buttress shape rising against the wall, they simultaneously frame the line where the floor meets the wall or in a sense highlight the horizon line. The idea of transforming a floor plan into something approximating a natural landscape blurs these borders therefore putting into question the whole notion of urban living.