New Work

April 3 - April 26, 2003

KATHRYN SPENCE’s installations and individual pieces involve piling, layering, and the transformation of previously used and cast off materials, such as mud, street trash, and string. “How dirty is too dirty and how does dirt make us feel?…I hope to call attention to the inseparable connection between the physical and psychological in everyday life.”-Kathryn Spence (taken from the essay in the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art’s catalogue).

In recent past exhibitions, Spence made mud animals that were literally coated with layers of dirt from her garden and appeared dejected and leaden. In this exhibition, the mud animals have evolved into large abstract spherical forms with areas of exposed material breaking through the surface revealing what lies underneath. Other objects that Spence has made for this exhibition include paper towel rolls with stitched patterns, coins and buttons made from tape and cardboard, and colored thread piles.