Todd Hido: New Photographs

July 7 - September 1, 2001

Hido’s exterior scenes reflect the artist’s interest in the themes of home, family, and memory. His photographs, taken at night, depict anonymous suburban dwellings with their windows glowing in the soft darkness. Using only available light and long exposures, he creates highly detailed and richly saturated images. Throughout these color images there is an unsettling feeling of isolation and unease. Hido captures a haunting suburbia through the absence of people and the careful modulation of light and color. They allude to imagined domestic narratives taking place inside which rely on the viewer to complete. Hido is not passing judgements on these domestic scenes but rather acts as a detached voyeur.

Hido’s first book, House Hunting, an over-sized color monograph combining both his exterior night shots and interior images of foreclosed homes, was recently published by Nazraeli Press. Concurrently with the opening reception for this exhibition, the artist will be signing copies of this new book.