New Paintings

June 2 - July 16, 2005

Katano’s recent canvases reveal the artist’s preoccupation with the mark-making process and the opportunities it provides for the creation of a controlled, ordered, and coherent form of invented imagery. The paintings are composed of a matrix of repeated and layered ellipses reduced to their linear outline and rendered in a limited palette of black, white, and gray. The form resembles a collapsed pair of parentheses and is the natural “C” and “D” movement of the arm and wrist, the artist’s calligraphic stroke.

The leaf-shape is a recognizable theme in Katano’s work and the new paintings demonstrate a significant departure from earlier explorations of this form, previously rendered with earth tones and organic hues. However, these works continue to exhibit the artist’s signature optical surfaces composed of superimposed stylized forms that give the illusion of depth and movement. The carefully cultivated line of Katano’s gestural mark is wielded energetically, resulting in a spontaneous yet refined feeling to the work. While reflective of nature, this imagery is specifically inspired by the simple black-and-white lines of Kanji characters, and the resulting works are evocative of traditional Japanese painting.