Bronze Sculpture

January 22 - February 22, 2003

A cloud might seem an improbable subject for sculpture. Clouds have been harnessed into service by painters in uncountable sunsets, moonrises, storms and comforting patterns in the landscape but they have not lent themselves willingly to the hard realities of bronze and stone.

I was deep into work on the Falling Water pieces when the idea of a mountain and a cloud edged itself into view. The water pieces insisted on being held strictly within the confines of water’s probable course. Clouds on the other hand promised a liberation from these constraints. I imagined limitless invention and was tempted into the realm of the forbidden-whimsy for instance. I’m intrigued by the quirky light-hearted stance that amuses without becoming coy. In the euphoria that accompanies new visions all things seem possible. As the excesses of freedom begin to mount up in discarded attempts, I was vividly reminded that all dreams of sculpture are validated in the strength of the form itself.

-Jack Zajac