Between the Two

January 4 - February 10, 2007

Stephen Wirtz Gallery presents Between the Two, an exhibition of new work by Bay Area photographer Todd Hido in conjunction with the release of Hido’s fourth monograph of the same title. Known for assessing well-worn dwellings and landscapes, most specifically of the suburban and lackluster, Hido’s new work deals exclusively in the realm of the interior, both physical and personal. Hido pauses on the subtle interiority that manifests itself visually, providing select views into transient-styled bedrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms and untreated individuals posed in hotel rooms. Once intimate, now vacant rooms match portraits of complex individuals that maintain the same vacant feel as the articles left to degrade in the backdrop.

Between the Two, newly situates Hido within the Portrait genre, weaving evocative nudes of anonymous models together with equally emotive, intimate environments. The combination of the two form “paper movies”—arrangements of images that create unfastened narratives. Scenes are sometimes tied together through formal criteria, such as light, or a particular tonal palette, and sometimes through imagined stories and characters that seem to inhabit the pages themselves.

Between the Two applies Hido’s highly intuitive sense for the lone and marginal, visually arriving at a confrontation between stark beauty and hidden psychological roots uncovering defiled products of disconnected social bases. Switching between living spaces and the familiar accompanying objects, Hido integrates the human form into his work as the third investigative source in his line-up of contemporary artifacts unshelled and unafraid of their own larger narrative.

Hido’s uncanny ability to let seediness shine with an internal beauty was first displayed in book form with his 2001 monograph, House Hunting. Hido’s 2004 monograph, Roaming explored unpeopled landscapes in a subtle but curiously profound departure from the stark, piercing nighttime images of suburban homes of his first two books.