November 3 - December 31, 2016

In contemporary web-space, fast-reaching, immediately satisfying images reign, and are considered necessary stops to more complex subject matter. We are often exposed to a breaking news story after clicking through slideshows of puppies splashing in a pool, or compilation videos of cats, who are hilariously terrified of cucumbers.

To celebrate the proliferation of animal imagery on the internet, anima(l) presents the online art viewer with a quick-fix of art images. All the works included have been pulled from Wirtz Art’s extensive collection of photographs, paintings, and sculptures. Kathryn Spence’s pigeon installations call attention to refuse in urban environments while Larry Sultan’s photographs capture domesticated animals’ intimate moments around the home. Marc Katano’s abstracted forms elegantly reference the wings of a bird. Whether these images comfort, fascinate, or amuse the viewer, they provide a means of collective focus, when our eyes tire of the scroll.

Follow your cursor down the rabbit’s hole.

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