The paintings of Jedd Garet (b. Los Angeles, 1955), a highly regarded Neo-Expressionist artist in the “new painting” movement of the 1980s borrow freely from Giorgio de Chirico’s architecturally inspired motifs.  At the time, this New York based artist juxtaposed, with reckless speed, his flat dimensionless grounds against the formality of di Chirico landscapes and seascapes thereby fooling the eye into believing these paintings appeared to be historically sourced classic painting. Garet freely moved between seemingly inept off balance compositions which described the Neo-Expressionists period as “The Golden Age of Bad” and carefully studied paintings.

In his most recent work, Garet openly borrows from his own paintings of the 80’s.  However, he now includes elements of  technological input used in unexpected and surprising ways. These new paintings evidenced in his series entitled “Four Days In A Well”, burlesque the notions of spontaneity and naturalness while still maintaining a mannerist suggestion of nature.

Garet’s work is included in the collections of: Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY;  Tate Gallery, London; Whitney Museum, New York;, Brooklyn Museum, New York;, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Contemporary Museum of Honolulu among other numerous museums and private collections.

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